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By Summer Naomi Interior – August 1, 2022

All about the cold, hard cash these days? Well, then you certainly wouldn’t want to invest in all that fluffy CX, right?… WRONG! 

A solid customer experience strategy is—among many other essential things—a revenue driver. How? Jack Lorentzen, Senior Manager of Customer Experience at Brooklinen, joined us to answer that very question—this week, on RedRoute’s Spamming Zero Podcast

Now, you’ll absolutely want to tune in to the full episode for ALL the fantastic details, but—for now—here are a few key takeaways. 

Luxury vs. Necessity: Shifting Your Mindset Around CX

In today’s economy, people are looking to cut costs in all possible areas. With CX, it’s tougher to measure the output you get with the funds you input, so it often finds itself on the chopping block… a massive mistake, in Jack’s opinion.

He believes strongly in creating loyalty by way of great experiences, which in turn leads to customers returning and—that’s right—spending more money with a brand. 

“The reason why I love CX so much,” says Jack, “is because it’s SO cross-functional. It’s so intermixed with every other team at my business, or any business… When we talk about the idea around people not even giving CX the time of day in terms of – hey, should they even be spending this much money as a team – it’s like, we’re invested in every other team!”

Podcast host, Brian Schiff agrees and offers some good insight for the data-first folk out there. Yes, access to data is an awesome asset, and we should learn what we can learn from it. But he also stresses keeping it in perspective. “Understand that data is one part of the story,” says Brian. “It is one piece of information that’s coming to the table. But you can’t get blinded by it, because it’s almost a straight path to a place you don’t necessarily want to be.” 

How Jack Feels About “Upselling”

Ok, so your amazing CS agents are keeping CX top of mind and are having some great interactions because of it. Time to dive into the “upsell” script, right? Jack doesn’t think so. 

In fact, he’s not a fan of the word “upsell” at all. “I didn’t hire salespeople to be on my team,” he says. “I hired people that are going to resolve issues and create relationships with customers by way of resolving issues.” 

For Jack, the upselling piece falls into the part of CX that can be tricky to teach – and that’s asking agents to use their best judgment. To him, it’s never about trying to get more money from the customer than they were trying to spend in the first place. “It’s more about enlightening the customer and helping them realize that other products on our site can make their lives better too.”

Believing In Talking To Customers = Believing In CX

Jack, James, and Brian all believe: if you’re big on talking to customers, you’re big on CX. But, our expert points out that it goes far beyond just talking. 

Jack thinks a great agent—an exceptional agent who is going to help create that customer loyalty that ultimately leads to greater revenue—is talking with customers AND really listening to them, not just waiting for their turn to speak. 

And that goes for folks across the board. In Jack’s words, “Whether the customer’s looking for a $5 refund or they’re looking to drop $5,000 on our site, we need to create strategies and answers for any question that falls within both of those customer profiles.”

I’ve touched on just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the actionable advice in this ep. So, for a more complete conversation around how CX strategy is central to driving revenue in your org, do be sure to check out all of Episode 9

P.S. Spoiler Alert: Spamming Zero listeners can look forward to hearing a whole lot more from Jack in the near future (woot woot!)… Details to come ;) 

If you’d like to see how RedRoute can slash the spamming of zero in your call center—cutting costs while improving CX metrics across the board—schedule a quick demo to learn more.

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