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Don’t press zero. It’s the slowest way to get your question answered. 

Hear me out on this… 

If visions of old-school corded receivers, ear-wormy elevator music, and—you guessed it—pressing zero in the hopes that someone, somewhere will finally end the madness and answer your simple question do NOT haunt you… Congratulations, you’ve lived a cushy life. 

But for the rest of us everyday folk, pressing zero has always been something of a necessary evil. Like flossing. And in today’s world of immediacy, frankly, it feels like an antiquated joke. 

An expensive one at that… 

Turns out customer service reps in call centers across industries don’t enjoy being punching bags for the *understandably* frustrated callers once they DO get through. Pair that with the endless repetition of the same basic queries—order status, returns, cancellations, etc.—and orgs all over get to deal with a serious churn rate issue.  

The good news? Throw the right automation into the equation, and things dramatically—and quickly—start looking up. That’s where RedRoute comes in. 

Our voice automation AI deals with basic call requests, freeing up agents to focus on the more complex calls that come through. It can be implemented in minutes, and the results that follow are pretty spectacular. Results like: 

  • 40% reduction in call volume
  • 52% reduction in abandoned calls
  • 42% reduction in queue time
  • 20% reduction in total agent talk-time 

All of which leads to a whole lot of happy for the bottom line, no doubt… 

But ultimately, RedRoute’s voicebot is about helping businesses across industries bring it all back to what matters most: making life easier for employees and customers… you know, the humans on either end of the line. 

Leading brands like Brooklinen, UNTUCKit, and GNC have been wowed by the difference RedRoute makes. Interested in what we can do for your organization? Click here to schedule a demo, or sign up for our free trial and see for yourself! 

And—while you’re at it—keep your eyes and ears open for the release of our brand spankin’ new podcast, Spamming Zero

RedRoute CEO Brian Schiff and CMO James Gilbert chat with seriously brilliant (and kickass) guest-experts to relay frontline findings around the bridge between tech and the human touch. From moments of experience that make an impact—across technology, brands, and industries—to the cultural moments that change us as people, no topic is off the table. 

Coming soon to podcast platforms everywhere!


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