RedRoute is a Plug & Play SaaS Solution

Supporting small startups to global public companies.

“RedRoute is constantly innovating and beautifully involves customers in the product development process.”
Will Van Der Linde, President of Old Dominion

Cutting Edge Voice AI

All conversations are powered by the most cutting edge tech in the industry, built by voice scientists from Alexa, leading research institutions, and beyond.

  • Accurate NLU, NLP, and audio processing

  • Ability to understand intent, sentiment, & context

  • Helpful and elegant VUI design

Intelligent Routing

Leverage your RedRoute data to supercharge your call routing, delivering personalization at scale and improved agent efficiency.

  • When we pass calls to agents, we include already collected info

  • Forward to queues or agents based on intent

  • Have VIP callers or segments bypass RedRoute

Rich Call Analytics

Gain detailed visibility into what your customers are calling about with high level analytics and call-by-call breakdowns.

  • See caller intent

  • View automation and impact

  • Access all recordings

NOAH – No Operator Available Handling

Offer a smooth experience, even when there are no agents available.

  • Callers with simple requests can self-serve

  • If not, transfer callers to 24/7 live chat

  • Take detailed voicemail transcriptions

Comprehensive Configurations

Use our simple configurations to align RedRoute with all the specifics of your brand and process.

  • Turn on/off intents, information fields, and requirements with a single click

  • Ensure the verbiage is on-brand
  • Pre-integrated with your backend, helpdesk, CCaaS, and more

Deeply Integrated With Leading Tech Stacks

Frequently Asked Questions

How does RedRoute work?

RedRoute is a voice assistant that acts as one of your call center agents to answer and resolve customer requests. It integrates with your phone system and customer management system to make the customer’s updates. If RedRoute can’t assist, the call is seamlessly escalated to your call center agents.

How many calls will RedRoute automate for me?

Up to 70% of Tier 1 support calls. We see customers automating half their calls on day one, increasing from there.

What types of companies can use RedRoute?

Our current solution works best for transportation and eCommerce companies. However, we are expanding our feature set all the time. Think we should focus on your industry? Let us know.

Can I start for free?

Yes. We offer a full-feature 30 day free trial, which begins when you automate your first call. Most customers get up and running within an hour and see savings on day one. Start now.

Do I need my IT team to use RedRoute?

No! Our solution is built for you. Just connect your existing software through our 30+ integrations, choose initial preferences, and we’ll handle the rest. It takes less than an hour.

What integrations do you support?

We have 30+ integrations with major software like Shopify, Magento, Genesys, Aircall, Twilio, and more. Curious if we integrate with your software? Reach out.

How long does it take for RedRoute to automate my calls?

Automation begins immediately after setup (which takes under an hour).

Can RedRoute automate SMS or chat?

At this time, RedRoute focuses only on voice calls. If your company uses voice and SMS or chat, we can automate your calls so your team can focus on other channels.

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