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Opus Research hosted our CEO, Brian Schiff, and Brooklinen’s Sr Manager of CX, Jack Lorentzen, for a live discussion that covered everything from evaluating automation solutions to agent burnout, all relevant topics for brands who need to scale support. After the laughs and high-5s subsided, we took some time to put together a highlight reel from the show 🎥 🍿

Providing good customer service is challenging

Jack’s north star for great support is speed to resolution and how customers feel about the experience. The biggest threat to good support is too many interactions for too few agents. Click the video to learn more about how Jack does it at Brooklinen👇

Automation is a winning strategy

Jack points out that “scaling the business always meant scaling my team.” In the fall of 2020 though, Jack took inventory of how his agents were feeling and the possibility of giving customers quick solutions for simple intents. He decided to take a chance with RedRoute and give his agents (and wallet) a break. After a 26-minute launch call 2 weeks before Black Friday, RedRoute was automating their most common call: order status. 

Check out the rest of Jack’s story and Brian’s fundamental insight that drives RedRoute to solve the capacity problem 🤯

Opus Research was studying the public perception of voice assistants and compiling a list of the top vendors in the voice AI space, and included RedRoute in their recently published white paper, “Vendors That Matter.” Check out the top 10-clips from the webinar here!

Bonus: The 26 minute launch story, told in less than 2 minutes 👇 


If you’re struggling with the capacity problem or looking to level up your phone support, meet with our team! RedRoute offers free implementation, a 2-week complimentary trial, and pay-per-performance pricing…it’s pretty sweet 🤌


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