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Benefits & Overview

Since the creation of RedRoute, we have empowered established eCommerce brands to meet surges of seasonal customer demand. RedRoute’s Customer Service Assistant bot enables retail and eCommerce companies to focus on new sales and important queries instead of mitigating shipping delays and handling item return calls.

RedRoute’s cost-free, swift implementation removes all of the upfront risks. Reduced labor costs and increases in customer satisfaction are only a couple of the ways that RedRoute’s Voicebot can improve an eCommerce business.

Retail and eCommerce companies have run surveys and tests to find out whether customers are satisfied with our Voicebot, and they all resulted in the same scores that their live agents earned.

The holiday season is responsible for over a quarter of yearly sales for retail businesses. Customer experience and satisfaction are always paramount, but during this time of year, they can truly make or break most companies.

Fast-scaling around-the-clock support ensures that your customers will be cared for, even if it is past your working hours. RedRoute handled 88% of order return calls and 75% of calls inquiring about the location of in-transit orders during Black Friday for one of our sizeable clients.

Automating low-value calls during a customer contact center’s peak season, when volume spikes immensely, means that a company will spend significantly less money on labor costs.

Live agents become burnt out and apathetic when routinely tasked with mundane, repetitive calls. Using RedRoute for your business alleviates those troubles, on top of catering to your customers with optimal satisfaction in mind.

E-Commerce and retail companies greatly benefit from RedRoute’s Voicebot. Customers can start or end a subscription, check on or cancel their order, and even add to their cart using their voice.

Consumers value immediate access to information they’re looking for and want speedy resolutions. By resolving simple issues and answering questions that customers may have, RedRoute can effortlessly add a new depth to your business.

Retail & E-Commerce Challenges

Cost: Live agent support costs are top of mind for any business and compounded by seasonal events (e.g., peak holiday customer service traffic) or unforeseen events (e.g., COVID, weather events, fulfillment delays), that make it extremely difficult for businesses large and small to plan and budget for agent staffing changes.

Complexity: Call centers can be overwhelmed by simple status or change requests, information that is otherwise discoverable and capable of being modified within an e-commerce and order fulfillment platform. Without automation, customers and agents are forced through a costly and time-consuming multi-step process.

Furthermore, numerous support and order-related questions can easily be handled without human assistance if the personal data and event records are accessible via API in any of the leading e-commerce platforms.

Broadly speaking, Intelligent Assistants for e-commerce benefit from narrow support requirements and can reliably handle the highest volume of user intents (e.g., status of order, cancel order, change my order, wrong order). The key to deflecting those calls is meeting customers in their support channel of choice, the phone, and with the simplest tool for the job, the customer’s voice. This is where RedRoute is finding success.

Benefits of RedRoute

RedRoute has achieved success in the enterprise by emphasizing speed to deploy and achieve financial results. It depends on pre-built integrations with some of the most popular online shopping platforms, including Shopify, Salesforce and Magento. It offers a no-code solution for any business to configure an IVR-fronted live support model for popular cloud contact center solutions (including Five9 and Genesys).

After a ~30-minute, no-code configuration process, RedRoute can immediately automate the following high-volume tasks:

  1. Validating the user phone # against orders
  2. Proactively offering current status of order or change options for order
  3. Listening and capturing listener intent, matching to order-related details
  4. Making changes as permitted by platform or business, escalating only as required by customer authentication or business rules

Through its e-commerce domain expertise, RedRoute excels at intent recognition specifically modeled for the e-commerce platform’s capabilities and customer purchase journey. RedRoute is finely tuned to these popular sales and support environments and capable of dynamically reading and writing authenticated user requests into the systems. RedRoute claims no-cost, 30-minute implementation and performance-based pricing. In addition, RedRoute only charges for interactions completed without human assistance. Eliminating all upfront risks makes it easier to adopt with little to no downside for large and small retailers looking to improve their automation.

RedRoute’s call center KPIs include the following:

  • 50% reduction in abandoned calls
  • 40% reduction in queue time
  • 20% reduction in talk time
  • 40% reduction in ASA (average speed of answer)

A major American apparel retailer offers an example of the impact of RedRoute’s differentiators. RedRoute’s technology successfully handled 35% of the retailer’s total call volume during peak season, 75% of all “where is my order” calls and 88% of all returned order calls. On average, RedRoute’s clients can automate 40%-50% of all support calls with automation starting immediately on Day One.

Retail & E-Commerce Benefits

  • No development or professional services engagement required
  • Pre-integrated with third-party PBX, CRM, CCaaS systems and vertical solution platforms (e.g., Shopify, Salesforce, Magento, Kustomer, Genesys, Talkdesk, Aircall, Five9, Gorgias and more)
  • Companies can throttle their traffic through RedRoute to get started
  • RedRoute only charges for interactions completed without human assistance
  • Extend operating hours with automation

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