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Opus Research hosted our CEO, Brian Schiff, and Brooklinen’s Sr Manager CX, Jack Lorentzen for a live discussion that hit a number of hot button topics around customer experience, automation, and the voice channel. We made a quick post here about highlighting key takeaways but wanted to gather all the insightful clips for you in one place. 

First of all, an introduction:

Brooklinen is the fastest-growing DTC brand in America and has been rightfully dubbed “The internet’s favorite sheets”

Opus Research is a premier analyst firm and the first to cover Conversational AI for enterprises. The Opus team brought deep research and expertise to the conversation with Jack & Brian. 

Lastly, RedRoute is the industry’s first SaaS solution for voice automation (more on the founding story below).

Without further adieu…

We are so grateful that we get to work with such amazing people like Jack in the most exciting industry – e-commerce and retail. If you’re struggling with support or need a little boost – reach out! We got you 😉


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