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Riddle me this. What do Ironman, the Blue Man Group, an electronic reindeer suit, and excellent customer experience have in common? 

Well, for one thing they’re all pretty damn memorable — and for another, they all come up in this week’s discussion, on RedRoute’s Spamming Zero Podcast

Which makes sense, because our honored guest this week is one of the most memorable individuals you’ll ever meet. Nate Brown is Senior Director of CX at Arise, Co-Founder of CX Accelerator, and the embodiment of contagious enthusiasm when it comes to customer experience. 

He joins our hosts, Brian Schiff and James Gilbert for some real talk on why your CX is not exciting (and how to turn that around) — this week on Spamming Zero. 

Now, this ep has so many great insights, you could cover a vision-board mural with the quotable quotes that pop up. You’ll simply have to listen to soak in all that actionable awesomeness. That said, here are a few of the top takeaways. 

Bring Back The Fun!

Want to make your CX more fun? (I see you nodding your head vigorously.) Then, the single most important touchpoint your brand MUST have—according to Nate—is the marketing touchpoint. 

A pivotal part of marketing’s role revolves around establishing customer expectations. As Nate says, “When we set clear expectations and manage them and deliver upon them—and sometimes even overdeliver—then we’re creating good experiences.”  You’re introducing them to a promise. 

So, the question then to ask yourself is: Do we have the ability to actually deliver on that? Because, in Nate’s words, “So much of that truth is going to impact downstream how the customers feel about us.” And he highly recommends leveraging your culture, competencies, brand core, and voice together to make that real difference in the lives of your customers. 

There’s also the employee side of it. As show host James Gilbert points out, reinventing your brand promise in a way that ties tangible feedback and outcomes back to the customer gives your team a brand promise they can “celebrate delivering to the customer.” Fun times all around! 

Get Proactive

Ok, so we’ve talked about how marketing can create a fun experience. Now, how can you make fun experiences also proactive?

Lucky for you, our listeners (and for us too), Nate nerds out here with a fantastic analogy. 

Think about Iron Man and Jarvis. Jarvis is just there as a great guide, an incredibly effective service vehicle that helps Iron Man overcome all the challenges he’s facing — often identifying those challenges before Iron Man even does. He’s able to see and predict those, bring that information to him, and help him circumnavigate issues. 

Nate predicts that THAT is what support is going to be in the future… with so much of it riding on the cell phone glued to every individual customer’s hand. “There’s a whole world in the data,” says host, Brian Schiff. And the future is almost here. 

 3 Steps To Consistent, Exciting CX 

 So what does it really take to incorporate CX—fun, proactive, life-changing CX—into your entire brand? 

Nate breaks it down to 3 steps: 

1)    You must have an executive that galvanizes this as an urgent initiative. If there’s no sense of urgency, nothing’s going to change. 

2)    Ordain someone to bring that change to the org and set up the guide rails — to bring the strategy, the intelligence, and the people together in the form of…

3)    A CX Change Coalition. Gather key stakeholders together from different representative departments under one CX leader, who acts as the guide to keep your brand voice and CX strategy consistent.

As our expert puts it, “That CX leader helps to coordinate and align, but it’s everybody else that needs to intrinsically be motivated… This is how we gain market share. It’s by serving people better. And it starts in the house.” 

There is SO much more fantastic food for thought in this discussion, and we can’t wait for you to hear it all in Episode 3 of Spamming Zero.

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