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By Summer Naomi Interior – July 18, 2022

You’ve heard it before. Culture counts, yada yada… Wanna’ know why it keeps showing up in your feeds, conversations, and interactions? You ready? 


In fact, it could be the single biggest factor to a great experience – for your employees AND for your customers. And we got to sit down for a chat with someone who genuinely walks the walk when it comes to creating a better culture. 

Jose Herrera, Co-Founder and CEO of Horatio shares his expertise and top tips on the topic with our own Brian Schiff and James Gilbert. This week, on RedRoute’s Spamming Zero Podcast

No doubt, you’ll want to listen to the whole fantastic conversation. – But, for now, here are a couple of key takeaways to get your wheels turning. 

Your culture’s impact on both EX and CX 

Jose points out that, as a company, Hire Horatio has 2 missions:

  1. Redefine what it means to be an amazing customer experience partner for the brands they work with.
  2. Create full job opportunities and improve the working conditions of an industry that—in his mind—generally hasn’t prioritized employees.

 What’s beautiful is the way these missions work hand-in-hand.

 Let’s get specific. Obviously, Jose’s a big advocate for making employees feel valued. From careful attention to detail while laying out a collaborative office space, to monitoring employee sentiment monthly, to regularly recognizing the good work being done – he’s passionate about providing a positive experience. 

“We have a specific department,” he says, “that is just focused on people, culture, and making sure that we are motivating everyone and finding ways to continue surprising and delighting our employees – which is the same thing that we do for our customers.” 

And, because Jose’s employees feel genuinely valued and appreciated, they perform at the “5-star hotel” level their clients expect them to perform at. Win-win. 

You can’t fake it

The sad truth is, not everyone takes the value of culture as seriously as Jose. There’s a particular shift in mentality that has to happen for brands – particularly around the agent experience. As Jose puts it, “I think it’s an educational process even with our own clients, right? I think, historically there has been a lack of personalization when it comes to CS.” 

Ok, so let’s say you need some support in this department… Read on. 

Tech that tackles friction points 

One of the things Jose is a big proponent of is finding ways to leverage technology to make call center agents more efficient. Customers have expectations when calling a brand – a pleasant voice, quick and easy resolution of issues, a person or system that has some sort of context before they even get to the customer. That, as Jose points out, requires a lot of different steps and measures. Measures such as, say, integrating the right automation into your call center. 

WARNING: RedRoute shoutout featured ahead… 

“That’s why I believe so much in what you guys are doing at RedRoute,” says Jose. “Because, in order to be able to provide amazing experience—not only to clients, but also to your agents and your frontline workers—you have to be able to find ways to make their lives easier. Give them a little bit more context. Alleviate some of the pressure of handling an entire conversation from A to Z.”

Our guest expert also points out the importance of a good CRM. He recommends Gorgias for smaller, B2C brands, and Zendesk or Gladly for larger orgs. Of course, it depends on the type of system you want and your budget, but one piece of advice that rings true across the board? “Start small and then grow from there.”


There’s a whole lot more actionable insight packed into this week’s episode, so be sure to check out the full conversation here.  And—if you haven’t yet—listen, rate and subscribe on Casted, Apple Podcast, or Google podcasts for more great content coming your way! 

If you’d like to see how RedRoute can slash the spamming of zero in your call center—cutting costs while improving CX metrics across the board—schedule a quick demo here.

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